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Hungarian Electrographic Art Association (HEAA) PDF Nyomtatás E-mail

Hungarian Electrographic Art Association (HEAA)
Address: 1116 Budapest, Adony u. 8 V/24, Hungary
Founded in August 17 2001, at the Bartók 32 Gallery, Budapest, the Society of Hungarian Electrography is made up of a group of artists and writers whose domain of creative activity belongs to the field of electrography (electrographic art). 
By electrography (electrographic art) we mean those works of art, which are being realised through electronic means – by photocopy machine, computer or telefax  - in such a way that the creation of the image is based on the unique characteristics of the tool, incomparable to the other technical facilities of the graphic art, that is to say, the role of technique transcends the boundaries of the role of the transmitter –reproducer or that of multiplier. 
the establishment of the professional forum of the eletrography
the widest possible presentation and popularisation of the genre
creation of opportunities for presentation and operation for those working in the genre
support of workshop activities, facilitation of the creation of new values
Special activities: 
organises exhibitions at home as well as abroad 
organises artistic camps, invites applications
represents its members at professional and public forums 
initiates and maintains contacts with similar domestic and foreign artists, curators and organisations
publishes catalogues, albums, CD-ROMs, sets up Internet database
sets up and manages archive and helps processing the data scientifically 
submits applications, looks for sponsors and supporters
does economic activities only with secondary character
List of the founding members of the SHE:
1. József Bárdosi, art historian
2. Sándor Bátai, graphic artist
3. András Bohár, aesthete, board member
4, István Ézsaiás, sculptor, artist
5. Ágnes HAász, artist, president
6. Ferenc Harangozó, graphic artist
7. Péter Herendi, photographer, electrographic artist
8. Paula Hernádi, graphic artist, board member
9. Borbála Kováts, electrographic artist, vice-president 
10. Júlia N. Mészáros art historian
11. László Ország, electrographic artist
12. Csaba Pál, graphic artist
13. Edit Sándor, electrogarphic artist
14. Evelin Sós, electrographic artist
15. István Stark, artist
16. László Szlaukó, artist
17. Bálint Szombathy, artistic writer, artist
18. Tibor Vass, writer, artist
19. Péter  Wrobel, lecturer at the Faculty of Applied Arts, artist
Edit Barta, József Bárdosi , Sándor Bátai, Evelin Bózsa, Balázs Czeizel, Beaty Czető, 
Máté Csernák, Árpád Daradics, Vera Dávid, Jenő Detvay, Dávid Drozsnyik, 
Zsuzsanna Enyedi, Adrienn Füleky, József Gábos, Zsolt Gyenes, Ágnes HAász, Ferenc Harangozó, Péter Herendi, Paula Hernádi, András Kapitány, József Kántor, Péter Kecskés, Csilla Kelecsényi, Károly Koffán jr, Zsolt Koroknai, Ágota Krnács, Eszter Láng, Antal Lux, 
Géza Nagy, Georgeta Nagy Stoica, Júlia N. Mészáros művészettörténész, László Ország, 
Antal Örkényi, László Papp Pala, Csaba Pál, Ágnes Péter, Ferenc Repászki,  Edit Sándor, 
Evelin Sós, István Stark, Judit Szendrődi, László Szlaukó, Bálint Szombathy, Mária Tellér, 
Tibor Vass, Paul ter Wal, Péter Wrobel    
Magdolna Lux Kovácsné 
Ágnes HAász artist, president
H - 1116 Budapest,  street Adony  8. V/24, Hungary
+36 (1) 208-5090 (home)
Mobile: +36 30 612 0235   +36 30 657-5206
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Broadway Gallery (András Mengyán/ PDF Nyomtatás E-mail

Mengyan save-the-date

Jürgen O. Olbrich exhibitions PDF Nyomtatás E-mail

Olbrich Balloon-Card-recto_verso

International Exhibitions of Small Electrographic Artworks PDF Nyomtatás E-mail


International Exhibitions of Small Electrographic Artworks /2012/

Catalogue, download
Light sound and space PDF Nyomtatás E-mail


A discussion salon with artist and gallerist ANDRAS MENGYAN
and accoustic scientist IAN BUTTERWORTH
Where: LSE George IV pub, 28-30 Portugal Street, London WC2A 2HF
When: Wednesday 21 August 2013, 6.30pm - 9.30pm
Join us at a great new venue - LSE George IV - for this exciting event.
The salon brings together acoustics scientist Ian Butterworth working with MIT in Madrid, and installation artist and gallerist Andras Mengyan from Budapest, to explore the very different applications of light and sound in their work.
Ian will present his research into acousto-optics, a relatively new area of physics which utilises the effect that pressure variations in air have on passing light. Much like the process of a mirage, but far more subtle, the technique allows measurement and visualisation of radiating sound.
Andras will present an overview of his extensive practice in print, painting, sculpture and large scale installations.  This ranges from earlier analytical visual programs to the recent development of 'polyphonic visual space' - where light is used to express the multi-faceted nature of perceived environments - and a proposed ‘sound garden’ project.
We are also pleased that Dr Sheena Calvert is returning as guest chairperson for this event, bringing her wide knowledge of art and critical theory, philosophy and printmaking to the discussion.
And while light and sound are the connection points of this salon, there are - as ever - no fixed outcomes for the evening.  The creative dialogue between speakers and audience is a vital element, so come along and share your thoughts and ideas.
Further details of speakers and the event are at
Mengyn _Sound_Garden_small


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