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Matrices 2012 PDF Nyomtatás E-mail

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MATRICES 2012 PDF Nyomtatás E-mail

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Matrices 2012 PDF Nyomtatás E-mail


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Dear Artist,
We are glad to announce the 6th international exhibition of  MATRICES.
The aim of the organizers is to give the opportunity of presenting small-sized electronic artworks created by foreign and Hungarian artists, making a survey of diversity and presenting their works at Hungarian and international level, within the size of 20 x 20 cm.
We expect special technical solutions synthesizing new procedures, original ways of expression, raising topical techniques and contents, high-standard works: electrographs composed on different layers, digital installations, virtual and 3D creations, objects showing the artistic potentials implied in computer technique.  
Locations of exhibition:    
noMADE Gallery H – 1052 Budapest, 2-4  Anker-köz 
KAS Gallery H – 1052 Budapest, 36 Váci street
Ráday Könyvesház (Ráday Book House), H-1092 Budapest, 27 Ráday street
FISE Gallery – H-1054 Budapest, 16 Kálmán Imre street
Duration of  exhibition:   1-30  October 2012
Organizer of exhibition: 
Hungarian Electrographic Art Association /HEAA 
Advisor  Art: Júlia N. Mészáros, art historian 
Curator: Ágnes Haász, visual artist 
Application rules :
You can exhibit: a maximum  of 4 works made during the last 3 years 
Series count as one work that can be dissolved by the jury.
We announce the application in two rounds:
ROUND 1 -  You are requested to send the works digitally only:
in original size, resolution 300 dpi (1181×1181 pixel), 
and in size 5x5 cm, resolution 150 dpi, jpg format 
You are requested to give the file name according to the model: 
Artist’s surname_title of work, abbreviated.jpg
the data sheets or data on them in doc, rtf or txt format
the artist’s portrait in 300 dpi, jpg format
Address of sending in:
Ezt a címet a spamrobotok ellen védjük. Engedélyezze a Javascript használatát, hogy megtekinthesse.  - in the subject line, please, write every time: „MATRICES 2012”.
or send by post on CD, DVD, together with the application form completed and printed, 
to the address :
              Magyar Elektrográfiai Társaság/ MET/Agnes Haász
              (Hungarian Electrographic Art Association /HEAA )
              H -1116 Budapest, Adony u. 8.V/24. HUNGARY
Deadline:  16th August, 2012
The size of works and prints must not exceed 20×20 cm, the size of  paper 
may be a max. of 25 x 25 cm
Technique: you can apply exclusively with works (prints,, installations, objects, videos, reliefs, DVD, CD, etc) made by electronic media (computer,photocopy, fax, etc.) 
Born 100 years ago – Honouring  Nicolas Schöffer  (Kalocsa, 1912 – Paris 1992), French artist, born in Hungary, a prominent representative of the kinetic art.    
The works will be selected by a professional jury, we’ll inform you by  post.
We will request no participation fee in round 1. 
ROUND 2:  sending in the works accepted by the jury
              Address of sending in by post:  
              Magyar Elektrográfiai Társaság/ Haász Ágnes
              (Hungarian Electrographic Art Association)
               H-1116 Budapest,  Adony u. 8 V/24. HUNGARY
Important! You are requested to sign the prints in pencil or an instrument leaving its mark,     
numbering the pages, and giving titles and years, sticking on the back of the works the coupons   
completed and enclosed to the application forms. Please do not mount the print on a passepartue.
Deadline of sending in by post: 14th September 2012
Please pay € 20 or  USD$ 25 after you ’ve got our notification.
Payment is to be made to:
1. the bank account of the Hungarian Electrographic Art Association /HEAA 
Name on the account: Magyar Elektrográfiai Társaság 
Name of the Bank: ERSTE Bank HUNGARY, Budapest
IBAN number: HU 291160 0006 00000000 39086527
2. Other possibility to pay:  Western Union 
3. Other possibility to pay by post :  Magyar Elektrográfiai Társaság /Haász Ágnes
 H-1116 Budapest,  Adony u. 8 V/24. HUNGARY
Please do not send money in parcels or letters. We do not accept personal cheques.
Further information: Magyar Elektrográfiai Társaság / Ágnes Haász 
Hungarian Electrographic Art Association /HEAA 
e-mail: Ezt a címet a spamrobotok ellen védjük. Engedélyezze a Javascript használatát, hogy megtekinthesse. ; Ezt a címet a spamrobotok ellen védjük. Engedélyezze a Javascript használatát, hogy megtekinthesse.
According to our plans, high-standard works will be awarded.
We plan to publish a catalogue in two languages (Hungarian and English), each participant being qualified for a copy.                                      
After the exhibition we will return the works.   
We would be delighted if you donated your work(s) or a series exhibited to the archives of the 
Hungarian Electrographic Art Association.  
We intend to go on enriching  the electrographic collection of MET(HEAA) and  scientifically  elaborating the collection in the future.  
You are requested to declare your intent to donate by completing the form enclosed.
For participation in the exhibition, application forms can be downloaded from our website: 

Scroll down and click on the button: "Lassú letöltés"

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Budapest, 24th June, 2012
We wish you a creative state of mind while you work!
Hungarian Electrographic Art Association /HEAA
(Magyar Elektrográfiai Társaság / MET)


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