Light sound and space Nyomtatás


A discussion salon with artist and gallerist ANDRAS MENGYAN
and accoustic scientist IAN BUTTERWORTH
Where: LSE George IV pub, 28-30 Portugal Street, London WC2A 2HF
When: Wednesday 21 August 2013, 6.30pm - 9.30pm
Join us at a great new venue - LSE George IV - for this exciting event.
The salon brings together acoustics scientist Ian Butterworth working with MIT in Madrid, and installation artist and gallerist Andras Mengyan from Budapest, to explore the very different applications of light and sound in their work.
Ian will present his research into acousto-optics, a relatively new area of physics which utilises the effect that pressure variations in air have on passing light. Much like the process of a mirage, but far more subtle, the technique allows measurement and visualisation of radiating sound.
Andras will present an overview of his extensive practice in print, painting, sculpture and large scale installations.  This ranges from earlier analytical visual programs to the recent development of 'polyphonic visual space' - where light is used to express the multi-faceted nature of perceived environments - and a proposed ‘sound garden’ project.
We are also pleased that Dr Sheena Calvert is returning as guest chairperson for this event, bringing her wide knowledge of art and critical theory, philosophy and printmaking to the discussion.
And while light and sound are the connection points of this salon, there are - as ever - no fixed outcomes for the evening.  The creative dialogue between speakers and audience is a vital element, so come along and share your thoughts and ideas.
Further details of speakers and the event are at
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